Love Link Ministries, Inc. -  

Feed hungry people in Oklahoma!

Give men a second chance at sober living!

Empower people to move forward day by day!

Partner with us!

In 2013,

you helped feed 9,139 people;

you supplied 158,633 pounds of food!


What We Do

   Love Link Ministries, Inc. seeks to demonstrate the love of Christ by providing basic fundamental needs, spiritual growth, and emotional support for those struggling with life challenges in the inner city as well as the greater Oklahoma City area.

       Christian love and compassion are the distinguishing aspects in Love Link’s specialized ministries to help the poor and underserved. When someone is given food or other assistance, we are trying to demonstrate God’s love. It is for God’s glory that we serve others. We trust the Holy Spirit to use each act of kindness to draw people closer to the Father.

Thank you SOUTHERN NAZARENE UNIVERSITY NSI (New Student Institute) for all the work you got done!  60 man hours of labor!  What a blessing!  We'll look forward to working together in the future. We love our partnerships with universities, businesses, churches, organizations, and individuals.  Can't make it with out you.

Maddie came with her youth group to volunteer earlier this year. Today, she brought her mom, dad and younger sister back with her to spend a day helping in the food pantry!  Her mom and dad took a day off work to come see what on earth had such an effect on their daughter.  She came back from the mission trip changed.  This is one reason why Love Link Ministries, Inc. exists; to allow teens, children and adults to be changed by God as they serve Him by serving others.  We don't usually get to know what happens in the lives of our volunteers, but today, one teen and two grateful parents came back and said 'thank you'; and we said, "Thank you!"; and we all said, "Thank You, Lord!"  

Youth mission trips do make a difference.  Adult mission trips do, too!  Volunteering, helping, serving; whatever you want to call it is essential to growth as Christian.  Jesus said 'serve as I have served you'.

Share the Vision Banquet

April 4 and 12, 2014

We had a great time together on both evenings of the banquet again this year.  With the help of our supporters, prayer warriors and friends we raised $61,017.00 for this year's operational expenses.  Praise the Lord for His continued blessing in our lives and in the ministry of Love Link!

 Our special singers, The Toler Brothers (on Friday) and Sherman Andrus (on Saturday) were incredible.  Both evenings ushered us into the presence of the Lord.  There was a lot of fun chatter going around the room and in the auction area.  Our auctions raised almost $6000.00 this year.  Arlita Harris and her crew did a great job.  The food was delicious.  Erick and Jackie Sanchez, Sanchez Catering, outdid themselves this year.  Terry Armstrong, our current Board Chair, brought a great challenge and Howard did a tremendous job as the emcee and in helping us be obedient in our giving.  If you missed it, we're sorry and hope you can make it next year.  God is alive and well and working in downtown OKC! COME SOAR WITH US!

Where are we?

We are located at 1122 Linwood Blvd. 

(Southwest corner of N.W. 6th, Linwood Blvd and N. Western Ave.)

in Oklahoma City, OK 73106.



Work Trips

We're a great place to bring a group for a few hours or a few days.  Plan on a day trip or a week trip but give us a call.  It's time to schedule your work trip for next summer, we are already receiving calls!  Email; visit our 'Take Action' page; or Call 405-239-6219.