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Love Link's Mission is to:

1) Reflect the transforming love of Christ

2) Alleviate poverty

3) Facilitate physical, emotional, and spiritual health.

Christian love and compassion are the distinguishing aspects in Love Link’s specialized ministries to serve the poor and underserved. When someone is given food or other assistance, we are trying to demonstrate God’s love. It is for God’s glory that we serve others. We trust the Holy Spirit to use each act of kindness to draw people closer to the Father.

We serve the working poor, unemployed, disabled and senior citizens of the greater Oklahoma City area. We want to offer a helping hand to those who face particular challenges making it month to month. We invite you to partner with us as we continue to serve in OKC!

 Where Are We?

We are located at 1122 Linwood Blvd.,

OKC, OK 73106

(Southwest corner of N.W. 6th and N. Western Ave.)